Now That’s Irony

Just read the most accidentally ironic article of the year. An angry black Harvard attorney named Elie Mystal (naturally, pronounced completely different than it is spelled) says that blacks should simply acquit any person accused of crimes against a white man, be it murder or refusing to pay rent. Because Saint Skittles aka Trayvon Martin did not get justice after he tried to kill a latino.


Here’s the article.

Now, where is the supreme irony? He quotes Al Pacino playing Lucifer in “Devil’s Advocate.” Remember Lucifer’s plan? Acquitting murderers and child rapists and scum until the evil stench rose up to heaven and ruined God’s own creation, just like how the world was so corrupt once God had to destroy most of it with a flood.

Now, where’s the parallel? Oh yes. Lucifer and his children (aka black jurors according to the esteemed Elie Mystal) acquitting criminals of any crimes, like Lucifer’s son getting child rapists off their charges, until the stench rises up and chokes “the whole f—-g lot of them!”… until God destroys them in judgment? He quotes the anger over OJ Simpson being found not guilty for the murder of a white woman by black jurors and gleefully wonders what furor black jurors could cause by acquitting anyone accused of crimes against white men.

Let me give you a picture example of what that sort of behavior could reward blacks with when they make a “stench that rises up to heaven and chokes the lot of them!!”


“Oh, that’s so cruel” you say.

Really? How many cities have we seen torched in the past few years by angry blacks? Now imagine the joyful racial harmony if blacks decided to start acquitting anyone accused of crimes against white men. Elie Mystal’s lawyers might succeed in Lucifer’s plan to get Heaven to smite them in fury.



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