“Guys need to put down the controller, get a job, and get married.” Oh, really?

I’ve heard it literally a dozen times in various articles, blogs, etc. “Guys need to stop playing video games, shower, get a job, and get married.” Or some variety of that.

Truth? Truth is that according to the census data, single guys ages 20-24 make MORE money than ladies. And we wouldn’t want to say those precious princesses are sitting at home on facebook or pinterests or whatever and need to get a job, would we? (Blogger Dalrock compiled excellent information on that.)


Second truth, one simple question for the smart-aleck condescending brats who like to criticize how “guys need to stop playing games and get married.” That’s always the excuse when girls can’t find enough hot, aloof guys to pursue at college/work/church youth group/singles group, right?

So, let’s pretend you wise old folks are right for a moment.

Why have the girls these days gotten so bad that they can’t compete with an xbox? Why don’t girls look at THEMSELVES and ask, “Why do so many guys think an xbox 360 is a better use of time than pursuing spoiled, petty princesses like me? MAYBE I should try to better myself to the point where I’m more fun than a video game!”


Of course, no one is going to actually say that to God’s little princesses. But it’s still a thought.


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