The Catholic Schoolgirl / Slutty Christian girl Stereotype. Truth. There are no “good girls.”

So, I have an adorable classmate in a political science class. Auburn hair, cute, in shape, and funny. I naturally try to get to know her better, and before long, I have a mild crush on her, with the opinion she’s a naive sweet Catholic girl. Which is pretty rare at University, for a 20 year old girl to be sweet, cute, and seem to have values–that is, hasn’t slept around much at all, doesn’t do any drugs, stuff like that. She seemed to like me fine.

I finally get her number one class, and text her that night. Short conversation, and being that text conversations have no etiquette, I try to say something like “later!” when I’m finishing a conversation. So I make a comment about something the professor said, and end it with a “later!”

She replies back, commenting she hates the professor (he had made a crude joke about the Pope). So, I naturally reply back with a short comment, “Well, don’t let it get to you.” I put my phone aside, and went back to a paper. 45 minutes later I check it again, and see another text from her.

“I’m drunk.”

It seemed a little random to me. And a tad disappointing, considering she’s a 20 year old conservative Catholic girl. I reply back lightly, “Getting an early jump on the weekend, eh?”
Her reply: “I haven’t gave alcohol in months. DOn’t judge.”

Why is it that girls always say things like “don’t judge” right after they’ve told you something that indicates they’re a bit trashy/very trashy? I was tempted to reply back a short, sweet “Too late” but didn’t really feel like it, with how much of the semester was left.

And her next golden comment, in class, when the fratboy and the pot-smoking/gun-shooting/bisexual girl made a joke about hookers?

“Oh, it’d be so cool to be a hooker, if you were that confident with your body.” She remarked, sounding like it was a dream vocation to her.

Tiny lesson, and most have doubtlessly known it already–stereotypes are completely true, most of the time. And for the millionth time, believe those guys when they tell you–there are no good girls, Christian girls, or bad girls. There are just, girls.

Which also brings me to another “Christian” girl I dated very briefly (a coffee date and a dinner date, then it completely fizzled out into nothing) a year earlier than this, when I was more naive. And this girl–VERY much a self-proclaimed Christian. The sort that posted bible verses every few days on facebook, went to church youthgroup retreats, etc. A few of her golden moments, all within a time period of a month:

Chatting in person: “Sorry if I was emotional on the phone earlier, you called while I was in the middle of a joint, so I was probably getting emotional.”

At a dinner date: “Oh, I don’t drink. My pastor told us, ‘When you drink, you’re letting the devil in your mouth.’ ” Another great line. “Ah, like when you’re trying to fix something? I had that with my ex boyfriend, I had sex with him so many times trying to repair the relationship.”

I know, this is nothing new to most of you. But my point is: even if a girl is the sort to love debating Scripture, even if she posts Bible verses, about how much God loves her on facebook, how much he’s helped her life, etc–she’s just another girl, and sleeps around just the same. Don’t have false ideas you’ll find some sweet innocent girl at church over the age of 16.Image


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